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Think Big Health Care Solutions are athenahealth experts across all platforms of athena products including athenaClinicals®, athenaCollector®, athenaCommunicator®, and athenaCoordinator®. In addition to being athenahelath software experts, we understand the critical issues your practice is facing and assist you with the business objectives you are trying to attain in order to maximize efficiency, work flow, compliance and revenue. Each of our team members has years of hands on practice experience in addition to years of athena technical experience which means we are able to provide you accurate, simple hands- on understanding of all aspects of athena. Whether you are looking to customize your athena cloud-based EMR or are having trouble with templates, billing, or other issues we can help.

Our athenahealth consulting services are scaled providing a full range of choices so that we are an affordable choice for a single dedicated healthcare provider to complete implementation teams for large systems. Depending on your needs we can travel on-site or work remotely. Our pricing structure allows clients of all sizes to access our expertise without breaking the bank.

We’re ready to assist you with the full spectrum of athenahealth services

Making time for EMR conversion

We understand that making time for an EMR conversion can be time consuming, frustrating, overwhelming and taxing on resources in your practice. If your practice is transitioning to athenahealth or you are currently using Collector, Clinicals, Communicator or athenaOne, our team of resource solutions specialists will make the process smooth and easy. We are able to take this process over for you so that the transition is as seamless as possible and we partner with the key members of the practice to maximize athena for your practice. We do this by taking note of critical points and talking through and creating strategies for success Think Big knows that no practice is created equal and we are prepared to tailor our methodology to fit your need. By allowing us to join with your practice we monitor challenges and strategize solutions that will make for a positive result.  Our team becomes your resource with a hands-on approach inclusive of building your EMR/PMS table; verifying functionality, settings and content to meet your business objectives; and review (QA) of data entered once all necessary information from the practice is gathered.

From going live to on–going services we are committed to maximize athena products to work for your practice.

  • Billing
  • athenahealth Training – one-on-one, onsite, classroom and remote for all staff members
  • athenahealth Optimization
  • athenahealth Troubleshooting
  • athenahealth Project Management
  • athenahealth Implementation
  • athenahealth Go-Live
  • athenahealth Post-Live Support
  • athenahealth Reporting
  • athenahealth RCM
  • athenahealth Billing support
  • Build and optimize and mapping templates, intake and patient history, ROS, etc.
  • Chart Abstraction Strategies
  • Table Configuration and Content Customization
  • Clinical Work-flow enhancement
  • Communicator Protocols and setting assistance
  • Create Practice Policy and Procedures
  • Custom Reports and automated delivery set-up
  • Dashboard Management
  • Billing Support & Services
  • Claim Work List Customization
  • Front End & Billing Optimization
  • PQRS and Meaningful Use Consulting
  • Startup Services
  • Workflow Assessment and Alteration

Three Reasons to have Think Big Health Care on Your Team

Throughout the United States, our team has managed hundreds of successful implementations and has personalized systems for thousands of providers – from single practitioners to large groups.

First, your table build is the most important part of your transition to athenahealth. It’s the building block of scheduling, billing, charting and documentation, and reporting. The Think Big team has built hundreds of tables and understands the intricacies and relationships of the data and where it lives in the table. We ensure that what we build will work for you and your company.

Second, we train and educate your staff. Athena has a terrific e-learning portal for the staff and providers to get the basics of athenaNet. We offer the hands-on training that is pertinent to the ‘real world’ of your practice. We develop and improve the practical use of the software and allow staff and providers to detail the system to personal specifications and ask pressing questions. We work with you on adjusting configurations or even correct missing detail that was not thought of during the build phase. Our team members are also available to support your go-live and the post-go live via the phone or on-site depending on need. Our resource solution specialists can also assist in the creation of your daily, weekly and monthly reports and help you reconcile your account, work the workflow dashboard or even process documents in the inbox.

And third, the Think Big team can do a practice assessment that will provide valuable information as to your actual workflow impact on your athena system. Understanding your workflow will assist your project manager to incorporate the very best practice for your business. All of our resource solution specialists have worked in the clinical setting or in a medical office. We offer both workflow and technical assessments of your office and make recommendations and implement the changes based on the findings.

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