Improve Cash Flow.  Improve Profitability.


  • Athenahealth billing services
  • Improve collection rates
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Optimize billing processes
  • Find missed revenue opportunities
  • Improve claim acceptance rates
  • Track provider productivity
  • Benchmark financial goals
  • Improve compliance with industry standards

We use AthenaCollector’s extensive rules engine for performing automated claim edits, however our claim scrubbing team perform extensive, manual edits as well to ensure 100% claim accuracy.

We monitor and analyze payer contracts to eliminate underpayments.

Why ThinkBig?

We are a unique medical billing company that specializes in revenue cycle solutions for providers using athenahealth. Why athenahealth? Because we are experts in all aspects of athena and provide superior service and measurable results for your practice. Whether you are a single provider, a single or multi-specialty group, or an ACO we can help you manage your productivity on athena, improve cash flow and efficiency.

Our entire team is located in the United States. We are driven by detail, productivity and exceeding your expectations. We are available and happy to answer questions and concerns.

Most importantly, we don’t just bill or close claims. We look for trends and take the time to ensure that you are getting paid correctly for your hard work. When it comes to large groups, single or multi-specialty, we are extremely successful in dealing with complex billing issues especially if patients see more than one specialist in the practice and have hospital billing.

For immediate assistance during normal business hours please call 561-758-3360.

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