Today reduced reimbursements have steadily eroded net revenue and associated margins.  With increasing shared risk models, a strategic focus on operations has become crucial to maintaining strong financial and clinical performance.  The challenge is to efficiently carry out operations while focusing on patient volume, experience and outcomes.

We are experts in getting to the root cause of an issue or complex problem and creating strategies to improve performance, efficiency, corporate culture and competitive advantage.  We can work hands-on with your practice or provide you the strategies to implement on you own.  Either way we plan, organize, motivate, and control resources to achieve your specific goals. All our initiatives include benchmarking results including process, quality, resources and budgets.

Credentialing, Contract Acquisition, Negotiating, Appointments, and Maintenance 

We are experts in problem solving credentialing issues. payor provider enrollment, contracting and negotiating. Our credentialing maintenance program is designed to keep you compliant and ahead of deadlines.  We handle it all:  PECOS, CAQH, Medicare and Medicaid, payor enrollment and facility privileges, CME and sanction monitoring.  We also work closely with you billing department for any reimbursement issues.  Call today to see how we can help!

Practice Management and Operations

Think Big Health Care Solutions offers both large and small practices the opportunity to optimize the operations of their practice.  We identify and address issues on a per project basis or provide complete turn-key, hands on practice management.  For some clients, we bring in our management team along with other key staff and run the practice for a period of time and for others we scale way back and work with the administrator or team members to create and execute strategies. We have affordable consulting models and levels for all practice sizes.

Practice Assessment

Practice assessment is a comprehensive facility assessment conducted in your office looking at all aspects of your practice from telephone, to environment, to clinical to post patient visit.  Work flows are assessed in both in clinical and non-clinical areas with special attention to the patient experience.

One of our experienced medical and health care practice management consultants will examine every aspect of your practice and report findings back to you in a written report.  We always to an in-person meeting with you and any member of your team.  In addition, we provide an action plan with recommendations, “how-to”s for implementation, tools, and benchmarking to ensure your success.

And if you need us to oversee or implement the next steps we can assist, guide or take over the complete process for you and continue to support and make improvements as long as you want.

  • Patient Centered Care Experience
  • Corporate Culture Alignment
  • Leadership Training
  • Clinical and office workflow assessments
  • Human Resource & Talent Management
  • Talent Assessment – Right People /Right Job
  • Human Resources (forms, handbooks, policies and procedures)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Service Training
  • Phone system and patient communication
  • Operations policy and procedure manual
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Physician/Provider Compensation Modeling
  • Physician/Provider maximization
  • Revenue Cycle Management (links to section on that)
  • Work Flow Assessment & Optimization
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