A Suite of Flat Fee Cash Flow Solutions for Increasing Profits and Reducing Write-offs


3 effective Services = 1 easy Solution

Generate more cash flow, reduce your days of receivables, eliminate write-offs and at the same time cut in-house costs. The profit recovery program offers flat fee instead of a percentage of collected dollars. What that means (to your practice or business) is more of the money recovered goes to your bottom line!

More funds recovered – goes straight to your bottom line.

Most practices realize that there comes a time when patients start to ignore their internal efforts to collect money owed. So you either your staff fruitlessly continues to work it internally, you write it off or you look for a diplomatic, service driven profit recovery solution that will save on internal costs and get higher recoveries.

Using a diplomatic approach, the goal is to not only to get your practice paid, but to help you keep your patient. As a seamless intermediary between you and your patient our goals are not just to get the money collected but to make sure your patient had a good experience and wants to remain in your practice.

Patients are treated with respect, integrity and in a professional and ethical manner at all times.

ALL SERVICES PROVIDED ARE HIPAA COMPLIANT, and comply with all State and Federal regulations. We indemnify you in writing!

Practices can use one, two of these services, or all three.

  • Accelerator
  • Profit Recovery
  • Collections


Accelerator Service
30 – 60 days

Accelerator Service is designed as an extension of your own in-house recovery efforts before you send a patient to a collection agency.

  • 5 gentle past-due follow up reminders are sent in the name of your practice for a fixed fee of on average $13.00 per past due patient
  • In your patient’s eyes, you are doing the billing follow-up
  • The 5 reminders are: letter – phone call – letter – phone call – final reminder notice.
  • The system is fully automated – once we get the data everything else happens.
  • When the patient pays you or makes arrangements with you, you update the account in the online client portal that is provided to you at no cost to you
  • On average it recovers 60% — unheard of in the medical business!


Profit Recovery Service
60 to 120 days

  • This is a diplomatic collection process where you maintain full control at all times.
  • In the eyes of your patient, they have been sent to a collection agency.
  • We make 5 collection demands at 10 day intervals for a fixed fee of on average $13.00 per problem patient account assigned
  • Your patient is instructed to make payment arrangements directly with you
  • You can negotiate any type of settlement with your patient
  • No commissions are charged on dollars collected
  • When a patient calls, your staff explains “we are on an automated system and I can help get your account removed from the agency with payment or arrangement.”
  • The process can be stopped at any time by you, for any reason
  • On the average recover 40%


Transworld Collections
120 days and over

  • A Full collection agency service
  • A 50% fee is charged on all dollars
  • If there is no collection, there is no charge
  • This is salvage! Any money recovered is found money for you!


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All inquiries will be handled by a third party partner specializing in profit recovery and collections. Think Big Health Care Solutions does not offer these services directly.

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