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Cash flow, profit margins and patient selection (of your practice) are the lifeblood of any business. Without sound financials it does not matter how great your patient experience is, how well you practice medicine or how much you care – for you will inevitably go out-of-business. We believe a strong financial base sets the stage to transform your practice into a progressive, clinical and operationally sound business, and one that has competitive advantage and distinction in the market.

As a health resource and practice management company we specialize in improving the financial success and sustainability of physician practices through revenue cycle & cash flow, human resource services, compliance, operations, athenahealthproject management, business development and marketing.

We help organizations manage day-to-day operations and also tackle the bigger issues that have a huge impact on practices today. From hands-on management to consulting services we
 employ forward thinking, sustainable strategies and custom solutions using transformation and innovation.

Precision Accounting

You will never look at your books again the same way once you change to healthcare forensic accounting offering a broad range of services for small, medium, and large private and hospital-owned medical practices.

athenahealth Consulting

As experts across all platforms of athena products including athenaClinicals®, athenaCollector®,athenaCommunicator®, and athenaCoordinator we assist you with the business objectives you are trying to attain in order to maximize efficiency, work flow, compliance and revenue.

Practice Management

Our resource solution specialists love solving problems, big or small. We are experts in getting to the root cause of an issue or complex problem and creating strategies to improve performance, efficiency, corporate culture and competitive advantage.

Business Development

Market innovations are everywhere you turn in healthcare . We recommend or help you deliver a new service or product line and be successful!

Practice Optimization Analytics

Our one platform approach neatly brings you all your admin, clinical and financial data into one easy-to-understand report. For athenahealth and other EMR systems: manage your practice: optimize performance, understand your revenue and improve cash flow.


We can assist you in understanding and assessing the market demand for existing or new services/products and provide the expertise necessary needed to support and market the endeavor. Or perhaps you are looking to create improved competitive advantage …

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